Friday, 11 January 2013

The tourism industry will take Greece out of recession

It seems that significant progress has been made in Greece that last 12 months.

With the Greek economy having reached the bottom of the recession circle, some bright examples that things have change are coming back on the national press.

For example the UK's biggest hotel price comparison website has been rumored to be focusing on Greece in 2013 as reports are pointing out that Greece will be the top destination for holiday makers in Europe in 2013. finds you the best deals on hotels around the world by searching all of the leading hotel booking websites for you, potentially saving you as much as 70%.

Greece has been voted the top holiday destination by the Austrian public. The Travel insider report also says that Ryanair has also choose Greece and more specifically Chania in Crete to open its 1st Greek base (Ryanair 55th base in total) at Chania in April 2013 with one based aircraft and unveiled 10 new routes (26 in total), to/from Billund, Bremen, Bristol, Eindhoven, Katowice, Memmingen, Thessaloniki, Venice, Vilnius and Warsaw, as Ryanair invests over $70m at Chania Airport.

Ryanair celebrated its new Chania base by launching a 100,000 seat sale with fares starting from £8 for travel across its European network in January which are available for booking until midnight (24:00hrs) Thur (20 Dec). Ryanair's 10 new Chania routes will begin in April and will go on sale on soon.

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